Information Literacy - Examine the site's content

In examining the content of Web site information have students look for information that is correct, up-to date and right for their topic. Unlike print material, it is sometimes difficult to know if you are reading fiction, nonfiction, editorials or advertisements on the Internet. Therefore, asking questions and thinking critically about the information on the screen is imperative.

Here is a list of guiding questions for students to consider when judging content:

1. Is the information on the website useful for your topic?
2. Are additional resources and links provided? Do the links work?
3. Is the site current? Do you know when it was last updated?
4. Do you think the information is accurate?
5. Does the information contradict information you have found elsewhere?

When presenting these questions to your students, provide them with a list of sites to evaluate and a copy of the guiding questions.

(Workshop Supplementary Handbook by November Learning, Expanding the Boundaries of Learning, page 13, used with permission from November Learning.)